Playfulness for stress management
(HR executives from a major hotel group, all Chinese participants, delivered workshops in Mandarin)
– introduced concepts of play, such as definitions, research, uses, advantages
– introduced concepts of playing with objects, toys on desks, and how to use them to de-stress and play
– looked at how to incorporate playfulness on a day-to-day basis
– stimulated creativity through play
– explored how to influence team and colleagues through play, and applying playfulness from HR perspective
– some participants had on their own initiatives, used play techniques experienced in Session 1 when planning their internal Townhall meetings or conferences, with good feedback from their colleagues


Building and transmitting organizational culture
(Start-up entrepreneurs / small businesses of 3-30 people, Chinese and foreigners, delivered in English and Mandarin)
– conducted organizational assessment using play techniques, e.g. interviews with free association games to elicit unconscious, emotional factors
– facilitated founders to think about their company culture
– helped the founders de-stress, and instill fun into the workplace
– transmitted company culture through personalizing desks and office space design


Self-awareness through play
(Start-up entrepreneurs / University students, Chinese and foreigners, delivered in English and Mandarin)
– used playfulness and games to identify fear and common challenges as university students
– improved participants’ self-awareness through using toys and objects
– guided participants to discover inner theatre
– encouraged participants to confront anxieties and worries