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This inspiration for this free Ebook on depression came from the 1000+ comments to the post on our Founder’s blog, NochNoch, “10 things not to say to a depressed person”, she realized that there was a marked misunderstanding between the depressed and those who are not. Perhaps it was someone who wanted to help but did not know how, or depressed persons who could not communicate their lethargies to others. A rift ensued, fuelling anger, frustration, and even hatred and despite. Having been on both sides, she decided to write about this, in the aim of elucidating her perspectives on how we could communicate with empathy and help those who needed it.

Even if she would not win the Pulitzer prize, but if this Ebook could help just one person out there, somewhere, then her wish is fulfilled — to raise awareness of depression and to help, in her own little way. Feel free to read online, download, and forward to anyone you think could benefit from this. No subscriptions, no emails, no obligations — she only asks that this be shared as widely as possible to help raise awareness towards mental and emotional well-being.

Hebrew version available here

Going MENtal – Men Do Get It

Enoch’s girlfriends and her complain all the time that the men just don’t get it. Well, they do… sometimes…

Joking aside, this FREE ebook focuses on Chinese men, and men in China, and their thoughts from different workplaces to help maintain our emotional and mental well being.

It’s a fast paced world. Changes everyday. Overload of work. Family pressures. Sometimes feels like we cannot keep up and cannot breathe. How can we build a strong and resilient mind so we do not end up burning out and overwhelmed?

Why men?
Because in our experience, it seems even harder for them to discuss the topics of burnout, stress, and depression.
Because men tell us, they would like to hear more thoughts from other men, and do not know where to find them or the support.
And because we have not focused on their stories till now.

Why China? Well, because we live here and it is my closest community, and it is a vision of our Founder’s to contribute to the country.

Please do share the stories to reach as many people as possible so that we all become mentally strong!