Clients & Testimonials

BEARAPY clients have included heavy industries, banks, hotels, universities, research institutes, social media companies, start-ups, and consulting companies in Mainland China, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Here is a selection of what clients say about Bearapy’s different aspects of work:   WORKSHOPS Enoch did a 2-day workshop for all the senior HR executives of Marriott’s Beijing’s properties. She took time to understand our dilemmas in the planning phase, and came up with playful ideas for us to manage stress, be creative in thinking of solutions, and be reflective on our play histories and the application to managing our emotions at work. Some of us adopted her ideas for our internal use with colleagues in Townhall meetings or in the office, and that helped to stimulate conversation and enhance team work too. We were very pleased with the long lasting effects of her work on both personal and professional level.

~Colin Zhou, Area Director of Human Resources, Marriott Hotel Group (China)~

  The biggest risk for startups at early stage is themselves. Founders can break up and break down. As investors in over 200 companies we saw first hand the damage that a lack of self-awareness and founders misalignment can have. Enoch’s workshop provided a practical perspective on the definition of company values, and insights for founders to recognize signs of distress in themselves and others, and address them before they reach a breaking point. I highly recommend Enoch to organizations who work with high intensity – forewarned is forearmed!

~Benjamin Joffe, Partner, HAX~

  A close analyst of corporate culture, Enoch understands all too well how habits and processes can become counterproductive. Using the problem-solving potential of play, she guided us to uncover new staff configurations that would address both structural and strategic issues. Enoch did not impose any pre-determined program on us. The structure of our intensely-focused offsite and workshop grew organically out of her prep period interactions with staff members and our own thinking about what we needed. While we challenged each other’s ideas, playing and eating together, we were encouraged, cajoled, indeed propelled into reassessing, reorganising, and focusing on how to move forward together as a company, as well as individuals through Enoch’s meticulous planning and facilitation.

~Philippa Jones, Managing Director, China Policy~

  It was the first time I experienced play in a non play situation. I felt awkward but only for a couple of minutes. Enoch had a natural and gentle manner in coaxing us adults into relaxing and enjoying the moment. I found myself enjoying it once I got over being self conscious. In between lectures, this brief interlude made a difference to me. I felt refreshed and more opened to the next session. I feel that during offsites when it can get very intense, a play session would work wonders.

~Karen Chia, Executive Director, Heritage Fiduciary Services Pte Ltd~

  It was a new experience, of senses, all together, and tremendous fun. There was a sort of liberation being blindfolded, and going by sense, and intuition alone. There was no fear, but merely the conviction from the heart, that a mishap is not to befall me. It is like back to Childhood once more – this faith – that there will be no harm, only joy, in leaping across impossible structures. Enoch was key to help me regain this sense – of faith in the intuition, or that not all of the world, is dangerous.

~Y.K. Lam, Participant, Tembusu College | National University of Singapore~

  SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Enoch has given a very powerful speech to the female leaders in our company. She told a true story of her transformation from turning her vulnerability to her strength- how she worked through depression and that led her to study psychology and she developed her new career by using her experience and her academic study. She inspired many people to be open to their vulnerability and develop strength from there.

~Shuhong Wang, Vice-President, HR & Communication, Novo Nordisk (China) Co. Ltd.~

  Enjoyed Enoch’s presentation to our chapter. The topic about stress management hit home with many members who are leading entrepreneurs in Beijing. We left her talk with new ideas to apply to our individual challenges. I personally gained much from the talk that I applied the next day. Enoch possesses not only extensive knowledge on the subject, but also relevant experiences and stories that provide the audience with a deeper understanding.

~AJ Warner, Chapter President, Entrepreneurs’ Organization Beijing Sanlitun~

  After the Bearapy talk, I learnt how to be playful in my daily job and how to enjoy my work. I feel energized, relaxed, and confident, and appreciate a new way to learn more about myself. I liked Enoch’s style of talking, her passion combined with psychological theory and interaction made it interesting.

~Participant, Shell China~

  I was amazed to see how “play” allowed the participants to become more honest with themselves and more transparent with each other. In addition to the insights we gained, Bearapy provided us with simple and practical ways to continue using – and benefiting from– play when we are “stuck” with a project , overwhelmed or under stress. This is not a “5 Steps to…” method, it is something much more meaningful! Thank you, Noch Noch!

~May McAllister, Research Associate, Tembusu College | National University of Singapore~

  CONSULTANCY We wanted our teams to feel a stronger sense of belonging and work more closely with each other. Bearapy’s consulting on our company culture helped us identify areas we could do more in to build this sense of cohesiveness. Enoch went beyond our expectations and also suggested ways we could make the office environment more playful, creative, and endearing to colleagues’ sense of identity towards the company and team ambiance. I appreciate how she checked-in with us after the mandate and also kept close communication with all the stakeholders of this project throughout the process. All our colleagues utilize the informal space she has helped create for gatherings and this has significantly improved the working relationship, and hence business results and bottomline.

~Alexis Bonhomme, Co-founder & General Manager, Curiosity China~

  Bearapy did a fantastic job looking into the culture and inner works of Cakeshop. Enoch’s approach and personal touch really motivated us to get to the core of our company and how we can improve. Her insight was was spot on and the way she presented in a cohesive way, minus the fluff, together with clear actions and recommendations has helped us enormously. Bearapy alerted us to strengths that may possibly turn into stumbling blocks for us in the future. I find it incredibly valuable to have an objective outsider and come and examine the inner workings of Cakeshop so that we stay aligned while serving our clients.

~Milan Sekulic & Alex Chen, Founders, Cakeshop Consulting~

  Our company came across Bearapy at a critical time: a small but growing team, big challenges and just entering the China market from Australia. What Bearapy gave us was unique and different from classic team assessment sessions; it used the power of creativity and play to create a safe space of raw and honest conversation, and gave us insights that have made us a better, stronger, healthier, happier team. Every company should invest in this if they take company culture seriously.

~Ben Reid, Founder, Reidefine Media~