BEARAPY advises MNCs, startups, non-profit & governmental organizations on addressing mental health issues in organizations, and recommends how to strengthen company culture so that employees fully engaged and productive in the workplace.

Companies lose billions of dollars every year due to loss in productivity, absenteeism, poor morale, medical insurance costs, and mental health-linked physical illnesses. This is detrimental to the organizational culture and could become systemic.


Bearapy is unique with a comprehensive approach of weaving the concept of playfulness into consulting projects as appropriate for different organizations. This method brings about awareness of unconscious and emotional factors, and helps employees find energy from within themselves to meet the challenges of the work place.

As adults, we have forgotten how to play, and yet it is play that builds team bonding, reduces stress, stimulates creativity, and most importantly, ignites fun, and allows us to enjoy life. This attitude reinforces productivity, employee engagement and loyalty, and cements corporate culture while allowing adaptations to changes.

Employee well being is linked to other aspects of internal management, such as:

  • workplace strategy and interior design
  • employee engagement & producitivity
  • leadership effectiveness
  • team collaboration and communication
  • changes and transitions

Bearapy has expertise in organizational psychology and group dynamics, and consults to a broader range of organizational development here.

Here is how our consulting advice has helped our clients:

“Bearapy went beyond our expectations to make the office environment more endearing to colleagues’ sense of identity towards the company and team ambiance.” ~Alexis Bonhomme, Co-founder & General Manager, Curiosity China~

“Insight was was spot on minus the fluff, with clear actions and recommendations that has helped us enormously… and alerted us to strengths that may possibly turn into stumbling blocks for the future.” ~Milan Sekulic & Alex Chen, Founders, Cakeshop Consulting~

“…unique and different from classic team assessment sessions; it used the power of creativity and play to create a safe space of raw and honest conversation, and gave us insights that have made us a better, stronger, healthier, happier team.” ~Ben Reid, Founder, Reidefine Media~


More on what our clients say here.

Please get in touch to learn more about how Bearapy can help your company before more effective in achieving the visions you have set for your company’s wellbeing!