A Phantastical Journey Partnership

Bearapy is also a partner of NINETY EIGHT 3/4 with Paul Harvey, an independent Consultant & Coach based in Singapore. Both Enoch and Paul have a variety of global MNC and management experience in different roles, and are also equipped with an organizational psychology background, including specialties in the unconscious mind, group dynamics, and a psychodynamic approach to leadership development. They decided to join forces to empower individuals and organizations to journey to greater places where new and innovative ideas emerge. Together they consult and deliver workshops across Asia-Pacific and beyond. playfulness, phantasy, unconscious mind (1) TAILORED WORKSHOPS: NINETY EIGHT 3/4 offers a wide range of workshops for executives, graduate & post-graduate students, individuals, and organizations. Two flagship workshops are:           (i) Exploring Fantasy Careers: Are you exploring the next career step? Are you curious about transitioning into a different role or industry? Have you identified your strengths and traits and would like to delve into finding your ideal role? This exploratory workshop allows you to rediscover how your childhood play history and fantasies continue to exert an unconscious influence over your career identity, career choice and sense of career satisfaction.             (ii) Overcoming Uncertainty with Phantasy & Play: Uncertainty surrounds us everyday! In the unpredictable business environment, we tend to rely on data to make logical decisions whilst suppressing the naturally occurring yet undervalued states of emotions and intuitions – all for the sake of being rational. But before we became “grown-ups,” we engaged in phantasy & playful states of mind to explore the world, overcoming real and imagined challenges. Join us for a reflective session of object-play to bring out unconscious beliefs and motivators that influence our behaviors and actions, and use the strength of the inner child to find resilience for all the uncertainties around us!

(2) CONSULTING SERVICES: NINETY EIGHT 3/4 are experts in creating playful and innovative organizational cultures. We see that attempts to build a culture of innovation often fall flat, with companies focusing on simply external hardware, such as installing foosball tables or painting the walls with bright colours. However, in order for innovation initiatives to succeed, the organizational culture must accommodate the risk and uncertainty that accompanies the emergence of new ideas. We can help by:
  • Designing the interplay between company strategies, goals, and the ways people need to relate to one another, intentionally curating the culture to support innovation.
  • Creating structure and support to help people navigate uncertainty but without stifling the creative process.
  • Ensuring safe spaces for experimentation to truly embrace failures as learning opportunities—establishing norms and unconscious behaviours allow innovate ideas to emerge through confronting unconscious biases and fears. Every company’s culture is inherently different. So when cultivating innovation, it’s important to realize you’re cultivating a unique system that needs time to develop.
  COMMENTS ABOUT OUR WORK: “I liked the opportunity to externalize a present stressful issue… rather than internalizing or venting about stressful things, I can externalize them through play. This allows me to relook and move it away from inside me… which makes it easier to deal with.” ~Business Consultant~ “I got available new insight. It really decreased my uncertainty… and gained new insights into personal issues.” ~COO in Finance Sector~ “The dialogue based on transitional object was fun for me… Playful activities help reflect about uncertainty and have the potential to reveal insights.” ~Executive Coach~ “It is possible to simplify complexity playfully and physically… I can apply these techniques for personal use, facilitation of professional issue management, and uncertainty coping & resolution techniques.” ~HR Executive~ “I love the facilitation and fluid integration of self, couple / partner, and group activity dialogues.” ~Personal Coach~   For more information, contact us!