Speaking Engagements

BEARAPY’s Founder, Enoch Li, is an avid speaker in topics of mental health, play & creativity, start-up company culture, and women leadership. One of her aims is to raise awareness of mental health in communities, and she has been invited to give inspirational talks in organizations, at corporate events, community groups, professional networks, and was a TEDx presenter.



Key speaking topics include:

Mental and Emotional Health

  • Preventing Burnout at Work
  • Mental Resilience and Stress Management
  • Engaging Employees
  • Getting out of Depression
  • What NOT to Say to a Depressed Person

The Power of Play

  • How to Play as an Adult – and Why?
  • The Benefits of Play to Creativity
  • Using Play to De-stress
  • What is Play Anyways?

Company Culture, Human Capital & Leadership

  • Why Bother With Company Culture from the Start-Up Stage?
  • Toys at Work?! The Importance of Workspace Personalization
  • A Fun Workplace is a Collaborative Workplace
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Mental Health Challenges
  • Unconscious Biases & Assumptions


  • Perils of being an Entrepreneur – and How to Stay Sane
  • Debunking 9-9-6 and 24/7

Parenting & Child Rearing

  • How to Play with Kids – and How NOT to
  • Let It Go – The “Good Enough” Parent is Enough

General Motivational & Inspirational

  • Play Your Way Out of Adversity
  • Personal Experience Sharing of Depression and Suicide Attempts
  • The Art of Introspection
  • The Calligraphy of Not Knowing
  • Owning My Shit!

Here is what some clients say about her speeches and presentations:

“She inspired many people to be open to their vulnerability and develop strength from there.” ~Shuhong Wang, Vice-President, HR & Communication, Novo Nordisk (China) Co. Ltd.~

“We left her talk with new ideas to apply to our individual challenges.” ~AJ Warner, Chapter President, Entrepreneurs’ Organization Beijing Sanlitun~

“This is not a “5 Steps to…” method, it is something much more meaningful!” ~May McAllister, Research Associate, National University of Singapore~

“Her passion combined with psychological theory and interaction made it interesting.” ~Participant, Shell China~


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Here are some of Enoch’s speeches and media appearances (some might require a VPN…):