• Enoch Li

    Founder of BEARAPY
  • Rhiannon Sim

  • Pengxi Zhang

  • Erla Magnusdottir


Enoch Li

Founder of BEARAPY

Enoch has worked with multinationals, governments, and start-ups across Asia-Pacific and Europe, to advocate emotional and mental health awareness. Her unique approach blends the power of playfulness and psychodynamics in organizational development to help executives prevent burnout, strengthen self-awareness, and increase productivity. She is a published author, and a frequent speaker on topics of mental resilience and coping with stress. Enoch’s non-bio • the founder of Bearapy • the first ever Bearalist – a bear specialist • a foodie, and loves to cook • a student of calligraphy

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Rhiannon Sim

Rhiannon is key in creating concepts and designs for Bearapy workshops, bringing in her own unique style of dance and movement work to the mix. She studied the Graham technique, modern dance, and contact improvisation and has choreographed dance workshops on self-awareness for different audiences. She speaks English and Mandarin. Peng’s non-bio • Open and empathetic • Tea meditator • A fluid systems thinker

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Pengxi Zhang

Pengxi is a native Beijinger and is responsible for client relationships. He also supports PLAYshop facilitation, adding his in-depth knowledge of the country and culture. He works with the mindset and understanding that “the most valuable asset is people’s hearts. Pengxi holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Beijing Normal University, and is expected to complete his Masters in Social Psychology from Renmen University of China in 2019. Peng’s non-bio: • Soft hearted father who loves cooking and fooling around • Dreaming to be an artist • Key player in high school basketball team (won the Beijing high school league championship in 2001)

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Erla Magnusdottir

Erla brings with her a wealth of experience in the public health sector, working with governments, research, academics, and international NGOs. She is Bearapy’s Special Advisor, and spearheads developing know-how and research in workplace mental wellness in China. Erla lived and worked in China for many years and is a fluent Mandarin speaker. She also speaks Icelandic and English. Erla’s non-bio • Can do a back flip • Believe in elves (of course I´m Icelandic) • Aspiring knitter

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