the rebellious Muddie

Muddie was my second bear. We found him by chance once when Timmie dragged me out of the house to get some fresh air.


At first we didn’t buy him, because Timmie didn’t want an influx of bears. So I said I thought of a way to smuggle Muddie in – I’d say that it was Floppie but he got messy eating chocolate so that’s why he’s all brown. Timmie then said, well, why don’t you say that it’s Floppie but he fell into mud and rolled around in it to play, and that’s why he ended up brown.


Thus the name Muddie.


He’s a B-bear, i.e. he break dances, skateboards and calls everyone “Dude”. He likes to do things his way when he wants and has no regard for anyone else. Only he exists in his own little bear world.