Why Mental Wellness

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Companies lose billions of dollars every year due to poor mental health in the workplace. This is a REAL issue that reduces productivity and weakens bottom lines.

Workplace stress and burnout is one of the top factors across the world that costs companies billions of dollars every year in absenteeism, loss of productivity, poor morale, medical insurance costs, or mental health-linked physical illnesses:

  • The global economy loses $1 trillion in productivity annually (WEF).
  • More than 300 million people suffer from depression globally (WHO).
  • Mental health disorders costs China $4 trillion in loss of productivity between 2012-2030 (WEF).

This is detrimental to the organizational culture and could become systemic. Employee wellbeing is not only fundamental for the individual executives to be effective and caring leaders, but also pivotal to companies’ bottomline and being thriving workplaces.



That is why Bearapy is here to help companies address these issues – and to show organizations that we can care about the people with whom we work.