If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good!  

~Dr Seuss~

Play is fun, is relaxing, is enjoyable, is inspiring, is developmental…. Mountains of research correlates play with learning, creativity and innovation, stress relief, mental and emotional well-being, company culture and loyalty.

But, we have forgotten how to play. We deem it silly, not professional, a waste of time — which could to be our own detriment.

Yet, play does not need to take up a bulk of scheduled time — it could be incorporated in our daily lives and during work hours. Be it a few minutes, a playful attitude could go a long way, especially if we were aware of the use of object-relations (e.g. the figurines or decorations at our workspace) in enhancing our performance.

The power of playfulness could improve individual productivity, team cohesion, group dynamics, and organizational culture.

So, why not?

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