WHAT IS BEARAPY? BEARAPY is a wellness organizational consultancy and training company with the mission to promote emotional resilience and mental wellbeing in the work place. Our mission is to make the world mentally healthy. We are a social enterprise that places priority on social impact over profit, and commit to reinvesting into the community to raise awareness, thus supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. Based in Beijing and covering Asia Pacific – especially Hong Kong and Singapore, we have experience working with multinational corporations, small and mid-sized companies, and start-ups to make their workplaces mentally healthy, employees well and engaged, and the workforce more productive, thus leading to conscious leadership, robust bottom line, and resilient organizational culture. We use a unique and comprehensive approach that weaves the concept of psychology of playfulness into workshops to inspire creativity, cope with stress, and manage change to make businesses flourish. We offer services in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.