Erla Magnusdottir

Erla brings with her a wealth of experience in the public health sector, working with governments, research, academics, and international NGOs. She is Bearapy’s Special Advisor, and spearheads developing know-how and research in workplace mental wellness in China to better service our corporate clients. Erla is experienced in international NGO operations and strategy, and was

Pengxi Zhang

Pengxi is a native Beijinger and is responsible for client relationships. He also supports PLAYshop facilitation, adding his in-depth knowledge of the country and culture. Pengxi started his career as an accountant in a state-owned international trade company. Although accounting plays an important role in his professional life, his job roles entails much more than

Rhiannon Sim

Rhiannon is key in creating concepts and designs for Bearapy workshops, bringing in her own unique style of somatic and movement work to the mix. She also supports workshop facilitation, particularly to engender play through body works as a way to further encourage emotional exploration. Using dance as a fun and approachable way to encourage

Enoch Li

Based in Beijing, Enoch is a social entrepreneur and founded BEARAPY. The mission is to reduce burnout and mental health issues in the community and workplace through helping adults access their inner playfulness. Her unique approach blends the power of playfulness – creativity, stress management, and self-awareness – into her transformation and facilitation work. Enoch