Rhiannon Sim

Rhiannon is key in creating concepts and designs for Bearapy workshops, bringing in her own unique style of somatic and movement work to the mix. She also supports workshop facilitation, particularly to engender play through body works as a way to further encourage emotional exploration. Using dance as a fun and approachable way to encourage expression and connection between people. She studied the Graham technique, modern dance, and contact improvisation. Rhiannon has choreographed dance workshops on self-awareness for different audiences, such as the University of Haiwaii and Western Academy of Beijing. Through her dance, Rhiannon understands that movement possesses a potential “moreness”, and has since then used intentional movement as a channel to gain insight into the self as a whole. She has also dedicated time to help disabled migrant children in Beijing through dance. Rhiannon experienced both physical and mental unwellness during her teens and early adulthood in Beijing, and all the while overwhelmed and confused by the vast, sometimes contradictory information in the field of healing, or lack of available products in China for the lifestyle change. Hence, she is motivated to fill in this gap by her work, and strive to uncover insights into the question, “What does it mean to live well?” as well as carve her personalized way of healing and self-awareness. Rhiannon is completing her Bachelors in Psychology and Chinese at Massey University, New Zealand. She speaks English and Mandarin. Rhiannon’s non-bio
  • Aspiring wordsmith
  • Attracted to the humor in life and can find it in almost anything.
  • Open and empathetic
  • Tea meditator
  • A fluid systems thinker
  • Communicates through hand gestures
  • Needs to stretch more than she does and she knows it!
  • Excitable and sincere
  • Colorful
  • Complete Conceptualist
  • Meaning maker
  • Herbalist naturopath
  • Ambitious
  • Mover and Feeler
  • Loves to be challenged
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