Founder’s non-bio

This is our Founder, Enoch Li’s, non-bio.
  • the founder of Bearapy
  • the first ever Bearalist – a bear specialist
  • a foodie, and loves to cook
  • a student of calligraphy
  • a bossy wife
  • a (hopefully not tiger) mother
  • the founder of the Fish Face movement
  • a dog lover and scared of cats, insects, reptiles and amphibians
  • an aspiring poet
  • a writer (nom de plume: Noch Noch)
  • an overachieving perfectionist and forgets to chill out until she reads her own blog again
  • intuitive and observant, but sometimes impatient
  • somewhat cynical and sarcastic
  • aware that she does not know much
  • curious and silly
  • trying to enjoy the meandering journey as much as reaching the destination
  • a gigglepot
  • a fan of Dr Seuss and Jimmy‘s illustrations
For more about her professional background, here is her bio, or contact her here.

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